It’s OK to Drill, Democrats Fear Loss

It’s ok now to drill in the Gulf of Mexico. King Obama has proclaimed “Gulf States can now go to work”. Gee, thanks alot! Well, we haven’t forgotten the millions you gave to Brazil last summer for drilling in the gulf. Remember how Obama said BP will pay? Georgie Soros invested in Petrobras from Brazil. Soros owns Obama so that is why the American government helped Brazil instead of America. Reuters, Bloomberg, Agence France Press ,the Wall Street Journal and Fox News have all reported it.

If there was any real “transparency” that Obama promised then the American headlines would read:

“Drilling Moratorium Lifted, Democrats Fear Losing November Elections”

Biased AP and Yahoo reported the ban was lifted, “The Obama administration, under heavy pressure from the oil industry…”. They make it sound like the oil companies are responsible for it. Instead of blaming Obama for making the wrong decision they still have their noses up Obama’s best. Oh well. What else is new?

Fox business’ Steve Goldstein reported ‘Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar on Tuesday said the deepwater drilling moratorium has been lifted ahead of the Nov. 30 expiration, saying progress has been made on making deepwater drilling safer. The moratorium was imposed after a BP well in the Gulf of Mexico exploded, leading to the worst oil spill in U.S. history. “There will always be risks associated with deepwater drilling, but we have now reached the point where we have, in my view, reduced those risks,” Salazar said’.

Salazar must think Americans are really stupid if he assumes they believe him. Elections are next month and he lifted the ban because “we have now reached the point where we have, in my view, reduced those risks“. Washington should always report this in front of real Americans who can throw a shower of tomatoes and eggs with boo birds joining in. It’s too late to reconcile with America’s unemployed. Start packing Salazar.

I can’t believe no one has a spine in the media. Someone should have asked, “Mr. President, isn’t it true the ban was lifted to help your Democratic party? We know you don’t really care about the people especially since it took you almost 3 months to address the problem in the Gulf .” Can’t you just be open with the people as you promised?”

I can hear the folks in the Gulf, “OK to drill now? It’s almost Christmas!”. The people did not wait around for Mr Hope and Change to give the green light. Many found jobs elsewhere and some in other states and other countries. Those who can go back to work in the Gulf should thank the “Tea Party” and other independents who exposed the liars and shysters in the White House. I guess the Spirit of ’76 is still alive.

Xavier Lerma